Black History Month

The theme of African Heritage Month in 2021, Black History Matters: Listen, Learn, Share, and Act, worked to recognize the significant legacy of people of African descent and their long history in the development of Canada.


Through Our Eyes: The Voices of African Nova Scotians, the theme for African Heritage Month in 2022, continues to work to honor the legacy of persons of African origin through first-hand accounts, lived realities, and experiences.


Both themes emphasize that we obtain a more meaningful understanding of how to make our world a better place through listening to others’ perspectives, interpretations, and views on the world, particularly those from underrepresented areas.


More than 50 historic African Nova Scotian villages with a long, rich, and complex history extending back over 400 years may be found in Nova Scotia. African Heritage Month is an additional chance to recognize and promote the culture, legacy, accomplishments, and contributions of individuals of African descent in Nova Scotia, both past and present.


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